I carry Expo !!!!

The day has come in which that person with whom I share my life decided that it is a good time to show me in the world of exhibitions feline. But , who is that ?????

Really that consist of exposures feline that is needed to spend a weekend pleasant, surrounded by people with the same hobby and fantastic felines.

Initially to attend a cat show, you should register in the exhibition. There are multiple forms of inscriptions, depending on the Club, the country, the association,.... In the section of exhibition there is a manual for enrolling through WCFCatOnline. But in general they are all very similar.

Request data of the owner and the cat, name, breed, variety, age, sex, whether or not castrated, data of the parents, number of pedigree, ....And the class in which they compete (there is also another web page explaining the different classes).In addition to indicating whether to use a kennel club or one of your own.

It is advisable to carry a cage of their own, there are many types and very easy to transport. The main reason is that if our cat is not accustomed to leaving the house, the fact of going to a strange place, it is a bit stressful, and if you get has a cage with cushions , toys, and above all, its smells, they will feel much more relaxed. Keep in mind that the steps in the exhibitions tend to be very strict, If you take only one cat, the measure of the cage should be 60 X 60 cm and 120 X 60 centimeters if you take 2, in any case with good visibility.

The preparation of each cat to the exposure is different depending on your race, so we recommend that you search for this information on the internet. The normal thing is to wash it the day before, cut the nails, verify that you have the ears clean, but as we say, every race is a world.

The exposure must take the primer veterinary and proof of payment. In addition of a drinker, feeder and sandpit. Depending on the sponsors, it may be the case that the organization provide sand, food, or other details, but just in case, caya prepared. It is advisable to carry a dryer ride(you never know if there is a mishap last time), and hygiene items, normal, combs, cards, wet wipes,...

With respect to the exhibitor, the exhibitions last for many hours, start at 8 or 9 , and end at 7 or 8 in the evening, so bring water and something to peck. You can eat in the room, although it also can go out to eat at a restaurant.

In the information of the exhibition is informed of the time of the entry of cats, try to be early to be able to put all your things quietly. A council in the morning in autumn/winter it's cold, and sometimes there is a wait queue to enter the exhibition hall, so do not over do a cover pet carrier for the cat to find more comfortable.

At the entrance of the expo will be asked to the documentation, on the one hand primer veterinary with all vaccinations, microchip (in Spain it is mandatory). After the veterinary inspection will be given their details to the exhibition, the catalogue, .. (it is advisable to bring proof of payment if there has been any confusion).

Among these documents you will need for the number of your cat. With that number you will have to search what is your place in the exhibition. At the entrance there is usually a plan of the room where you will be able to see the place he has assigned his/her / their cats. In that place you may place your cage, or there will be a club. In any case, we tend to adorn with drapery and cushions, leaving space for a fountain and a bowl for food. You can also put a tray of sand for you to make your needs. The curtains do not need to cover the back because we all like to admire the rest of the cats. As I said before the cages are of 60x60x60 cm and the double 120x60x60 cm Please note that if it takes just a cat and requests kennel club, these are always double, with separation of bars middle, so that a curtain is a very good option to separate it visually from its neighbor.

It is important that you check in the catalogue, that all data are correct, and in the case of finding any bug you report in the secretariat. In addition, the catalog is organized by categories , breeds and varieties, so that you can see against that cats compete.

In the judges ' table will be a listing to the view of the breeds/varieties that judges, in such a way that see this distribution will be worth guidance about the moment that your cat will be judged, even so do not worry. In the exhibition there are a number of magnificent people, which we refer to Stewards who are dealing with to help the judges and called for the pa to the cats for their number.

When your cat will be called, should be taken to the judge's table that corresponds to him. The judges, except for a few rare exceptions spoken in English. If you want to communicate with them , but do not master the language of Shakespeare, ask for help from a Steward, the will of traducirle or call someone to do this work.

For each one of us our cat is the best, but in an exhibition that matters is the opinion of the judges. It is a great opportunity to ask them their honest opinion if you have any doubt about any aspect of the standard. Eye!!, they also have their preferences, so that would not be the first time a cat one day don't get neither the point, the next day is in the end.

In the trials, compete with all the cats of the same breed, variety, sex and class, so if there are two of the same race, of the same variety, same-sex, and competing in the same class, only one will get the championship point. If the judge deems it, and there were several cats of the same breed and variety, regardless of class or gender, the judge can give one of them the title of Best of Variety that is reflected in the raport.

When they complete the trials of the morning, the judges select the best cats that have been tried, and will appoint to compete in the finals. This is referred to as the nominations, and the cats nominees will compete in the finals of the afternoon. In these final compete for the title of Best in Show. You can be Best in Show puppy, young people and adults for each of the categories(length Hair, semi-long, short, siamese-oriental, hairless, of the house). Finally, among the Best in Show adults will choose the Best of Best.

For these competitions , the form is already a little different. The tables of the judges are put together and each one chooses his favorite, the cat who choose more judges is the favorite, and in case of a tie there will be a judge in charge of the final decision. Cats are not shown by the owners, but by the Stewards.

Since sometimes gives rise to confusion, we're going to put a couple of examples.

The Maine Coon xxxxx, is nominated. As maine coons belong to the category 2, semi-long , so it will be called when it corresponds to category 2. Start the category 2 and is called, but also to the rest of cachorritas of this category. It turns out that is chosen as one of the judges, congratulations, because that is the best female puppy of category 2. Now comes around the puppies of semi-long, and it turns out that the Ragdoll yyyy is selected. We already have the best puppies but now there's to know which one is the best. Then it is back to call the female and the male. Again the female is selected. The female xxxx will receive the title of BIS, Best in Show and the male yyyy will receive the title BOS (Best Opposite Sex.

With adults, it is similar, but in addition , at the end will compete all BIS of the different categories, the winner will receive the title of BOB, Best of Best, the second will be BOB 2, the third BOB 3, and so on.

In addition to the judgments traditional, there are other trials, called Rings, in which you want to compete without regard to race, are grouped in puppies/young people, adults and neutered. These judgments provide a lot of points for the championship of the wcf best cat. There is another input you can see the scores that can be obtained in an exposure.

Once the exhibition will be able to pick up your raport, a report in which it appears that the court in writing of your cat, and the grades obtained.

Apart from all this , the main thing is to enjoy the environment. Building relationships with the other exhibitors, see the breeds that may not know, and to exchange experiences with the rest, well that is said to enjoy.