Welcome to the Cat Club of Madrid

The Cat Club of Madrid (CFM), is a non-profit organisation, founded in the year 1981 and it gathers the friends of the cats......

Passion for our little cats

Since 1981 a group of friends and enthusiasts of the cats found this association, it has always been characterized by their goals.

Objectives that focus on:
To promote the hobby , knowledge , protection, conservation, dissemination and improvement of the breeds feline.


What services we provide?


The CFM, manages and ensures the pedigree cats of breed bred for its partners through the regulation of AFFIXES BREEDER and the processing of high litter generated by the births of felines.


The CFM is available to all the partners who need some advice on issues felines as can be: crosses adequate preparation of the cats for exposure, location of copies, so if the animal is to race as if it lacks pedigree.


The CFM organizes exhibitions feline that are conducive to beauty pageants and help the conservation, recovery and improvement of the breeds. At the same time they serve to spread among the general public, the knowledge and love for cats through the exhibition of magnificent examples of the breeds, a few well-known. The CFM also promotes the exhibition of house cats with no pedigree in their exhibitions.

The CFM is attached to the World Cat Federation (WCF), a Federation level world of cats, has its headquarters in Essen (Germany), and welcomes 580 clubs all over the world.
It is the only one that has access to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for consultations and legislation on pet animals (cats).


The club regularly organises international exhibitions with the aim of spreading the love for our cats .

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